We are extremely grateful to updated and additional information regarding Peter received from David Farrell, the Project Manager of, Peter’s hometown.

Although this has come late in the day, it is nonetheless, very welcome indeed!

We’ve found out lots about his “previous life” including the actual date of his enlistment, together with details of a letter sent by his grieving mother, Lilly, to Sgt. Maj. Joe Cunningham.

This has been added to “Peter’s Story” on the website – please have another read!

Once again, many thanks to David!

Facebook & ECT

We have decided to close down our account with Facebook following the adverse publicity surrounding their tax affairs in the UK and elsewhere.

Updates will now appear on this blog page,

Entente Cordiale Battlefield Tours

Frequent visitors to our website will now notice that we have reverted back to our original name – Entente Cordiale Battlefield Tours.

For the past 4 years we have enjoyed commemorating the centenary of the significant events and battles on the Western Front in The Great War. We have also had the great privilege of sharing the experiences of our clients and friends, from all corners of the globe, in remembering fallen relatives during that conflict a century ago.

With the removal of WW1 from the GCSE curriculum in UK schools and the possible reduction in funding to the CWGC from the UK government from 2020, we fear a tailing off of interest in years to come – much like the Battle of Waterloo a century earlier. We sincerely hope that our fears remain unfounded, but we will still be here to offer our knowledge and experience to those like-minded people who wish to keep the memory of the Great War alive for future generations. We will continue to “Look, Experience and Remember”.

Ged & Col

July 2018



We have both just returned from two very successful tours: Ged & Jill were together with friends on a 4 day / 3 night tour of Ypres, The Somme and Mons in gorgeous hot weather; whilst Col was with Marion Stevenson and her family and friends for a second time for a100th anniversary pilgrimmage.702026BE92D34693B43A7268A499D1D12018-05-28 09.53.40 2018-05-27 21.48.49 2018-05-25 17.42.15

Cambrai 100

Today we set off for our last tour of 2017 – the commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai. We are both out and travelling with our great friends John Rubin and Colin Beattie. This is their 6th tour with us since 2013!

We will be at the main service tomorrow at 10.30, before we set off on a tour of the battlefield, including a trip to see tank “Deborah”.

Looking forward to some good food, fine wine and great company!!

Passchendaele 2017: Peter Kennedy 2017 and Cambrai 2017

Although we only got 2 tickets in the ballot and then, subsequently, gave them back because we needed 6, we diidn’t really miss out because the coverage on the BBC was excellent.The light show on the Cloth Hall was far superior to that in Mons in Aug 2014.

Looking forward to commemorating the centenary of Peter Kennedy’s death at the end of this month and to Cambrai in November!